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Article from  Mashable

Article from Mashable



In 2016 Alaska Airlines leadership wanted to rebrand the company to reflect its Alaska heritage as well as its national presence. The redesign impacted every customer touchpoint, from the web and mobile apps, to airport signage, to aircraft liveries and onboard experiences.

my role

UX Design Manager. I was responsible for the redesign of Alaska's online experiences to support the overall corporate rebrand. 

I ran the project,  managed the 12 UX and visual designers on the project, reviewed all design work, and finally led all stakeholder meetings.


  1. harmonize all digital properties (website, mobile apps, kiosks, emails, and airport displays) to a new new brand identity

  2. launch every channel (online and offline) on the same day as the brand reveal --a first for the airline.

  3. Team goal: create a pattern library and UI standards & improve design critiques and stakeholder engagement


prior experience

Here's what the work look liked prior to the redesign.


Prior homepage



prior flight search




My first task was to work with stakeholders from Marketing and development to align expectations. This included meeting with the outside brand agency Alaska Air hired to flesh-out the new brand guidelines. From there we established a daily design session wherein all designers on my team worked together on applying the brand elements to our channels. These working sessions culminated in afternoon design critiques wherein all design work was posted and everyone was free to comment on it. This was complemented with a weekly design review by the Marketing team and the brand agency. 


A sample stakeholder review session.


As design concepts stabilized I initialized a series of A/B tests to evaluate every critical element of the design concept. These tests helped verify our design decisions and provided insight into aspects of the design that needed more work. 

redesigned experiences

The website design was unveiled in a coordinated launch across all physical and digital channels in January 2016, the first such coordinated brand launch at Alaska Airlines. (Launching an entire eCommerce redesign across hundreds of pages on a single, pre-determined day is not an easy task!)


redesigned site

The redesigned homepage addressed the overall brand, but it also performed well from a conversion perspective and it performed well in user testing.


redesigned flight search

We A/B tested several design options on the flight search page before settling on the one on the right. This page is critically important in the customer shopping experience.


Interactive style guide and pattern library

One of the more significant elements behind the redesign--and something that set the design and development team up for future success--was the development of a style guide/pattern library by my team in combination with a front end developer.



The updates were part of a larger brand reveal, including all digital properties (mobile apps, web, kiosks, airport electronic signs). Here is the before/after of the various properties.

Omnichannel - before.png
Omnichannel - after.png

Omnichannel before

All the digital interfaces before this redesign.

Omnichannel after

All the digital interfaces after this redesign.


customer feedback

Customer feedback to the redesign was extremely positive. 


Some tweets from happy fliers.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.45.00 PM.png


Just as important to me as an awesome product experience is team and individual practitioner growth. Here's some feedback from a UX professional on my team:


"[Jerrod] helped grow my team into one that is cohesive, respectful, and respected for our design leadership in the organization. His hiring process raised the bar and brought in talented teammates, while his coaching helped everyone on the team to recognize our strengths and opportunities and grow in both areas. He balances data-driven design with best practices and common sense."

- UX Researcher, Alaska Airlines